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What Are Some Attributes to Look for in an Exemplary Catering Company?

What Are Some Attributes to Look for in an Exemplary Catering Company?

Long after the lights are dimmed and the music stops playing, what will people keep talking about? The food at your event.

Food plays such an important role in the formation of memories. A good meal sets the stage for an event that people will remember for decades. Years later, you’ll try a similar dish that brings you back to that special night.

Since food is so central to your event and memories of it, you must choose your event catering company carefully. You don’t want a caterer who is just “okay” or “pretty good.” You deserve an exemplary caterer. Such a caterer will have the following attributes.

Experienced Chefs

The best catering companies hire talented, experienced chefs. Not only do great chefs create delicious cuisine, but they have the creativity to design dishes that are well-suited to the catering environment. They can make changes to classic dishes to keep them fresh without sacrificing their authenticity. They can also create new, modern dishes specifically for catered events.

The foods you serve at your party also need to pair well together. An experienced chef can create a menu of dishes that impress your guests as a collection, not just as individual foods.

Quality Ingredients

Good food starts with good ingredients. Look for a catering company that sources its ingredients from smaller, local vendors when possible. Smaller vendors usually offer higher-quality ingredients. They also tend to have closer relationships with the caterers who buy from them. So, your caterer may be able to purchase smaller amounts of some unique ingredients to incorporate into the dishes on your menu.

Accommodating Dietary Needs

Diet is very personal. People have a variety of dietary preferences that are based not only on their tastes, but also on allergies, food sensitivities, religious beliefs, and cultural traditions. An exemplary event catering company will be willing and able to accommodate the varying dietary needs of your guests.

Look for catering companies that specialize in the type of cuisine you plan to offer. For instance, if you and your guests keep Kosher, look for a Kosher event catering company. The company should be willing to discuss any more specific dietary needs prior to your event, and they should work with you to design a menu that suits them.


Every event is different. Maybe you want to serve appetizers, give a speech, then proceed with the entree. Or perhaps you want to offer the entrees buffet-style, but serve dessert at the tables. Good event catering companies understand that great cuisine is about more than the flavor — it’s about the way it is presented and woven into the event. As such, an exemplary caterer should be flexible and able to work their service into the rest of your party.

Professional Service Staff

The service staff who serve the food will interact with your guests and help set the tone for your event. So, you really want them to be professional, poised, and friendly. Exemplary catering companies put a lot of effort into hiring talented, personable service staff. They also invest in training for their staff members so they know how to handle any situation that may arise. If a catering company is proud of their service staff and their work, that’s a very good sign!

Clear Prices

Most events are planned with a certain budget in mind. Whether your budget is large, small, or somewhere in between, you need to know how much certain services will cost so you can plan accordingly. An exemplary catering company will be transparent with its prices from the beginning. They should tell you how much they will charge per plate for various menus, whether there are any extra charges for off-site venues, and so forth. They should also be clear about any charges they may add if you make changes to your menu or guest list later on.

There are a lot of event catering companies in Florida, but they don’t all offer the same level of service. You deserve to hire the best — an exemplary caterer who will provide delicious cuisine and a memorable experience for your guests. Contact Premier Event Catering if you’re interested in learning more about our services. We’re a Kosher catering company that offers every customer a premium experience.