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What's The Best Time Of Year To Have A Wedding In South Florida?

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Have A Wedding In South Florida?

Planning your wedding is always an exciting time filled with many decisions. Finding a top-quality venue, choosing the best wedding caterer, and determining your guest list are just a few examples of the decisions you will be making. Of course, one of the biggest questions is choosing the best time of the year to schedule your wedding in South Florida. Each season throughout Florida has various benefits and drawbacks. Weighing all of these different options is important in helping you decide which time of the year works out best for your big day!

Here is an overview to help you choose the best time of the year to schedule your South Florida wedding.

Winter Weddings

Planning a winter wedding in South Florida is often a great decision due to the low humidity and beautiful weather. You don’t have to worry about snowstorms in the sunshine state, as the daily temperature usually ranges anywhere between 55 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. And the chance of rain is also less during this time of the year as these months are not considered storm season, which is another huge plus for having a winter wedding!

Spring Weddings

The spring months are another popular time to plan a wedding in South Florida. You will have plenty of sunshine, and many of the flowers will begin to bloom during this time of year. Outdoor weddings also provide a scenic background during the spring season. Though there is typically more rain and humidity in this season than the winter season, the storm season hasn’t yet begun, so you likely won’t have to deal with pesky Florida storms ruining your beautiful wedding.

Summer Weddings

Though the summertime is beautiful, we recommend planning an indoor wedding during these months. The high humidity levels and unpredictable weather can often make it too uncomfortable for an outdoor ceremony. However, you will have an easier time finding a venue during the summer, which can make things less hectic while you are planning your wedding, and that is a huge plus! If you’ve found a beautiful indoor venue, such as Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, you’ll likely easily get the exact date you want with little hassle.

Fall Weddings

The fall season is a great choice for having a wedding, as the weather becomes cooler and some of the leaves begin to change colors. The temperature drops a bit to the 70s and 80s, giving you the picture-perfect weather for a gorgeous South Florida wedding day! There’s also less humidity, which we can all agree is a bonus, especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony. Sunsets are especially beautiful this time of the year, as they provide a perfect backdrop for your special occasion!

Additional Things to Consider

Working with an experienced, full-service caterer for your South Florida wedding makes everything easier. You will enjoy delicious food while choosing from a wide range of selections. Relying on professionals to cater for your wedding while letting them handle food preparation and service will allow you to fully enjoy your special day, no matter the time of year you host it!

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