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Why is it Better to Go with a Kosher Caterer for My Event?

Why is it Better to Go with a Kosher Caterer for My Event?

As a kosher catering company, we’ve prepared food for a wide variety of events, ranging from bar mitzvahs to business meetings. Some customers approach us specifically because they want a kosher menu. Others have simply heard about our delicious food and want to know more about kosher standards. We truly believe in the benefits of hiring a kosher caterer for your next event, large or small. Here are a few of those benefits.

Food Prepared in Accordance With Kosher Standards

If you keep kosher at home, then you want reassurance that the food you eat at your special event is also kosher. Premier Event Catering is Kosher Certified under the Orthodox Rabbinical Board. We prepare all of our food according to proper kosher standards, which include the following:

Separate Equipment for Meat and Dairy

Jewish law requires that meat and dairy are prepared on separate equipment and using separate utensils. This is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve in the average restaurant kitchen. However, kosher catering kitchens are already set up for kosher food preparation. Our kitchens have two sets of utensils, stoves, and ovens so that we can properly adhere to kosher standards as we cook. This is an everyday routine for our chefs.

Properly Butchered Meats and Eggs

When you hire a kosher catering service, you know more about how your meat and eggs have been sourced. We only buy meats from kosher butchers. The meat has been slaughtered and handled in accordance with Jewish laws. Any eggs and dairy products we use have also been sourced from kosher animals. All eggs have been individually inspected and found to be free from traces of blood.

Whether or not you keep kosher, there are a lot of benefits that come with sourcing food from kosher suppliers, only. These companies are usually smaller, which means they pay closer attention to the quality of their products. We also have a better idea of how the animals are raised and handled, which is important for ethical reasons.

Kosher Food Combinations

Jewish law also specifies which foods can be eaten in combination with one another. For instance, meat and dairy are not to be eaten together. When you hire a kosher caterer, the dishes are served in adherence to these standards. You won’t have to scrutinize every dish to ensure it adheres to kosher food combination standards. You won’t pick up a cheese blintz assuming it is kosher, only to find it has a bit of chicken in it. 

Traditional Dishes, Made Well

Whether or not you typically keep kosher, ordering from a kosher catering service gives you access to many delicious, traditional dishes. Jewish cuisine has been developed over many generations, and it’s incredible. Our chefs put a modern spin on some dishes, but they also draw on family recipes and historic preparation methods. If you’re not a fan of overly modern, excessive food trends, ordering from a kosher caterer is a great option. Kosher food is satisfying and comforting, but it can still be fresh and refreshing.

Food combination guidelines under Jewish law do limit what ingredients we can include in various dishes. We feel these guidelines encourage our chefs to be creative without going too far. We’ve honed in on the perfect seasonings for our beef dishes and the most incredible toppings for our chicken dishes. Many of our dishes are simple but made with great attention to detail. We do offer more innovative menu items, too — it’s not just your grandma’s cooking!

Show Respect to Guests’ Dietary Needs

Hiring a kosher catering service shows guests that you respect their dietary needs and preferences. Guests who keep kosher won’t have to examine each dish closely or wonder what they can and cannot eat. They can help themselves to every dish and dine with gusto.

Kosher food can be enjoyed by anyone. So, even if only a small portion of your guest list keeps kosher, serving kosher cuisine can satisfy every guest’s palate.

Kosher food preparation is beneficial for those with food sensitivities, too. If a guest cannot eat dairy products, they can stick to dishes that contain meat and be confident they are dairy-free. Similarly, if a guest follows a vegetarian diet, they can select the dairy-based dishes and know they don’t contain any traces of meat. 

Familiarity With Jewish Traditions

Premier Event Catering does not exclusively cater to Jewish events. We cater events for people with a wide variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. However, if you are planning a Jewish event, such as a bar mitzvah or wedding, hiring a kosher caterer comes with more benefits than just the food.

As a kosher catering service, we have catered to numerous Jewish celebrations and events. We are more than familiar with the customs, preferences, and traditions that come with these events. Our experience allows us to seamlessly work our services into your celebration. We’ll make sure the cuisine feels like a true part of the event by incorporating traditional touches wherever possible. Of course, we’ll also chat with you about your unique vision for your celebration and ways that we can help that vision come alive. We can even offer suggestions based on our experiences with previous, similar events.

If you’re planning an event in South Florida, we highly encourage you to hire a kosher catering service. Premier Event Catering is a Kosher Certified caterer with decades of experience. We’d love to help make your wedding, bris, or bat mitzvah the memorable celebration you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us to learn more about our services and to start planning your event.