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Does Premier Event Catering Cater Off-Premises?

Does Premier Event Catering Cater Off-Premises?

Premier Event Catering is proud to host events at our gorgeous, primary venue — the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center. However, we also receive many requests from customers who would like us to cater events at off-site venues. We’re pleased to share that yes, we do offer off-premises catering, too. We have catered numerous off-site events at venues of every size in South Florida, and we’re excited to offer the same, exceptional service to future customers.

What Areas Does Premier Event Catering Serve?

We’re happy to cater events throughout the South Florida area. We are located in Aventura and many of our events take place in this community. However, we have catered parties at venues throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Whether you’re hosting a beach party in Miami or a bat mitzvah in West Palm Beach, our professional catering staff will gladly travel to you.

If you’re still looking for a venue to host your event, we’re happy to make recommendations. We have relationships with various hotels, country clubs, and private event spaces throughout South Florida. We’ve also catered for parties in private homes. Tell us what sort of space you’re looking for, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

What Size Events Can Premier Event Catering Accommodate?

At the AJTC ballroom, we can accommodate parties of up to 700 guests. However, if you are hiring us for off-premises catering at a large venue, our capacity is even greater. We’ve catered parties for more than 2,000 guests in the past. Our staff is used to handling large events. We just ask that you give us plenty of advanced notice if planning an event of this size.

While large events are well within our wheelhouse, we are also happy to cater smaller, more intimate gatherings. We have served small, Shabbat dinners in private homes, corporate happy hours, and retreats. We’ve even provided delicious box lunches for seminar attendees. If you have something else small in mind, we’re happy to discuss it!

What Kind of Food Does Premier Event Catering Provide?

Whether you organize an event at the AJTC or hire us for off-premises catering, we provide the same, high-quality, Kosher cuisine. We are Glatt Kosher Certified by the ORB. All of our food is sourced from Kosher vendors, and we prepare it in accordance with Jewish Kosher standards. 

Our chefs have a unique way of combining modern techniques with traditional recipes and ingredients. Some of our dishes may remind you of the delicious, traditional food your family used to make. Other dishes are more modern and innovative. We can customize the menu to suit your needs. Rest assured that regardless of which dishes you choose, they’ll be prepared using sustainable ingredients, expert techniques, and attention to detail.

We source all of our meat and eggs from Kosher butchers. However, we can also create vegetarian dishes upon request. Since we adhere to Kosher standards and prepare meat and dairy on separate equipment, you can rest assured that none of our dairy-based dishes will contain traces of meat products.

Kosher cuisine is for everyone. Even if only a small number of your guests keep Kosher, other attendees will enjoy our high-quality, locally sourced foods.

What Sort of Events Does Premier Event Catering Cater Off-Premises?

To put it simply, we are open to everything. As a Kosher catering company, we do cater a lot of bar and bat mitzvahs, bris and baby naming parties, and weddings. However, we’re also hired for a lot of corporate events including seminars, retreats, and holiday parties. 

Hosting a 10th birthday for your German Shepherd? We’re happy to cater it. Celebrating your grandmother’s retirement? We’ll bring the food.

Our chefs love getting creative with their menus, and unique events give them a chance to do just that. When parties are hosted off-site, we can design the menu with foods that travel well, fit the occasion, and satisfy your guests’ unique palates. We’ve been in the catering business since 1990, so we’ve already figured out which dishes travel best and which are most beloved for certain types of gatherings. Everything we serve will taste fresh and delicious, regardless of your location.

If you’re planning a party in the coming months, it’s not too early to contact Premier Event Catering to discuss your catering needs. Whether you’d like to rent AJTC or hire us for an off-premises event, our flexible and professional staff will help make your event memorable.